The Managing Authority for Operational Program Human Resources has published in consultation a new guide dedicated to employee training: “Innovation through training”

The managing authority, operational program human resources published, in consultation, the Applicant’s Guide to Specific Conditions “Innovation through training” related to OS 3.12 Improving the level of knowledge / competencies / skills related to the economic sectors / areas identified according to SNC and SNCDI of the employees.

The types of eligible activities to be funded in the context of this call for proposals are those targeting employees in the economic sectors with competitive potential identified under the NAS and intelligent specialization areas according to SNCDI by providing vocational training programs at the workplace contributing to strengthening employers’ internal capacity to develop their own human resources.

Eligible applicants are employers, large enterprises constituted as companies in accordance with Law no. 31/1990 republished, as subsequently amended and supplemented. source:

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