• Financial investment assistance;
  • Analysis of potential investment projects and financing opportunities;
  • Investment recommendation and source of financing;
  • Preparation of documentation in order to obtain financing.
  • Development of financing projects which involves: identifying the appropriate financing program for your project, eligibility review and the development of documentation necessary in order to access grants:
  • Opportunity study;
  • Financing Application;
  • Business plan;
  • Market analysis and marketing strategy;
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility study;
  • Diagnostic analysis: financial, cost-benefit, risk and sensitivity analysis;
  • Financial forecasts;
  • Assistance for concluding the financing agreement.


Implementation of financed projects:

  • Procurement files preparation;
  • Quarterly and final project progress reports;
  • Preparing the applications for money reimbursement;
  • Financial consultancy;
  • Advice in relation with the Contracting Authority (Financer);
  • Specific evaluation of implemented projects.


  • Investment support
  • Project and opportunity analysis,
  • Investment recommendation,
  • Business plan and cash flow preparation,
  • Cost-benefit analysis,
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis,
  • Documentation preparation
  • Investment Loan/ Working Capital/ Investment Loan from B.E.I. and B.D.C.E. funds/ Bridge Loan for E.U. funded projects/ Factoring and Invoice Discounting/ Currency Hedging